Beautiful Gatlinburg

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shower Gifts!

The wedding party has put their heads together about what to suggest for shower presents.

Since all the anipals like going to the lake house, we need to stock the house for next year's fun. Toona, pink cups, bottle openers, anything like that us anipals consume in mass quantities. I'm sure kitchen utensils, litter and poop bags would be great presents as well.

Pandy and Petie will be spending a lot of time in their jet. I got a picture of the interior, and it looks so sad, so antiseptic. We need to glam it up a bit for Pandy's classy purrsonality.

Finally, I think Petie would like a few naughty things for the boudoir!

So find your gift and be ready to tweet it during the shower? Not able to attend? You can schedule your tweet, or dm your present URL to Maggie or Mario. They can also help you schedule your tweet if you have never done that.


  1. I can't wait! hmmm; naughty things for Petie and Pandy? of course! heeeeeeeee

  2. I can't wate eithur this iz gonna be so much funs!