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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to wear for the Shower/Bachelor Pawty & Gift Ideas

Hi Friends,

Guess everyone is wondering how to dress for the #PPPawty on Saturday.   he he - I don't even have my clothes picked out yet.  Anyway, I begged M into doing a quick post of possible ideas on what to wear.  I just happened to get a sneak preview of what Petiethecat and Pandafur are wearing.   Shhhh - don't tell anyone, but here they are in their private jet:

Now another idea might be like MaggieTKat and ParkerSKat.   Keep in mind dat the ladies will be on a shopping trip and the guys hiking in the woods for an hour.  

Now if you is still confizzled about what to wear, you can come in your natural fur too.   We just want to relax and have fun at the #PPPawty.

Now I've also been asked questions about what kind of a gift to get.   If you take a look at Pandy and Petie in the airplane, you'll see it's rather plain and blah.   Certainly lacking in color.   They could use things to jazz the place up.

Here's a couple of samples.  Shh - you know pink is Pandy's favorite color.


 Shhh again - but here's the pink throw I'm giving to Pandy.   I just don't have the blue one bought yet.  

They'll be flying around everywhere once they are married, so they will probably also need food, stuff to mix drinks with, snacks, plates to eat off, silverware to eat with, glasses -  anything else dat they might need for overnight arrangements:  sheets, blankets for guests, towels.  So pals, there's a whole bunch of ideas for you.

I'll see you all on Saturday at the #PPPawty - 3:00 EST time to 7:00 pm EST.   It's going to be so much fun, so don't miss it.



  1. OMC! Sounds likes a lot of fun, can't wait! Thanks you for da helpful info.


  2. Oh oh oh I gonna go out in da field and catch a pwesant for Petie and Pandora!

    @Sisfurcat Bugs Bunny say she gonna bring her cambera.